celebrating 3 yearsa richmond, virginia anniversary session:: by nikki santerre photography

Richmond_Virginia_anniversary_nikki-santerre_01 Richmond_Virginia_anniversary_nikki-santerre_03 Richmond_Virginia_anniversary_nikki-santerre_04 Richmond_Virginia_anniversary_nikki-santerre_05 Richmond_Virginia_anniversary_nikki-santerre_06Richmond_Virginia_anniversary_nikki-santerre_10Richmond_Virginia_anniversary_nikki-santerre_07 Richmond_Virginia_anniversary_nikki-santerre_08

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mamiya 645 | fuji 400 | canon 5d mark iii| canon 50mm 1.2l | photovision prints
florals: amanda burnette | venue: virginia museum of fine arts

“I don’t ask you to love me always like this, but I ask you to remember. Somewhere inside of me there will always be the person I am tonight.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

“Wedding anniversaries are such a thing to be treasured, and I’m always so excited when dear friends invite me to participate in celebrating theirs. Kathryn and Nate looked amazing, and I adored our time at two of their favorite Richmond locations, the Virginia Museum of Fine Art and Urban Farmhouse (and also, with incredible florals by Amanda Burnette!). These images are so special to them because they represent a time in their life of transition and discovery. They moved to Richmond from Charlotte after being married for one year, and the last two years have been dedicated to creating a home and a life together in a town where they once knew no one but each other. The experience has only brought them closer and solidified the foundation of their marriage.”
— nikki